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Creative Ways to Get More Veggies in Your Diet

Including Veggies in your daily diet is extremely important.  Vegetables are full of nutrients and antioxidants, which in turn boost your health and ward of disease. Eating enough vegetables is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and as a bonus they are low in calories and can help in weight loss efforts.

Here are some creative ideas to add veggies into your daily diet without getting bored….

Veggie Soup– Soup is the perfect way to consume multiple servings of vegetables at one sitting.  Increase your intake of fibre, vitamins and minerals while you are at it!

Veggies in your Sauce– Spice up your marinara sauce by adding veggies of choice.  It is a sneaky, unique way to increase your veggie intake.

Vegetable Guacamole–  Forget boring very few ingredient guacamole.  Add fresh veggies such as bell peppers, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers to your avocados to increase your vegetable intake.

Stuffed Peppers– One of the beauties of stuffed peppers is that there are no rules.  Stuff bell peppers with your favorite ground meat, beans, chickpeas, rice or quinoa.  Be a dare devil and add more veggies to increase the nutritional value.  Why not?

Meatless Burger- No Meat!  Just Veggies, grains and beans.  Veggie burgers come in all different varieties.  Find your favorite veggie burger recipe and get Barbequing.

Kebabs- The possibilities are endless when making these babies.  Slice any veggie you wish, add any meat and grill.  Perfect for entertaining or sneaking veggies into your family meal.

Wrap it in Lettuce- Ditch the bread or wrap and go for the lettuce.  Noodles, veggies, salad or ground meat!  Everything is perfect dressed in a lettuce wrap.

Veggie Omelet– Power breakfast to start the day.  When it comes to an omelet anything goes. Can’t go wrong with veggies, egg and cheese

Cauliflower Pizza- Not your traditional crust, but cauliflower pizza crust is unbelievable in flavour and looks like traditional pizza dough.  Top it of with more veggies and you have your nutrient dense Za!