Our founder, Eric Kints, was the youngest of four children and immigrated to Canada from Belgium in 1957 with little money, but with the seed of an idea that took nearly 10 years to sprout. After various jobs as a sign painter and farmhand, he and his partners took a risk and began growing rutabagas, corn, and white beans on their 125 acres of farmland known as Huron Produce. They started small but always dreamed big – growing their farm to 450 acres and expanding production of more vegetable varieties across Canada and the USA within a few years.

Since then, many like-minded individuals have joined the team, eventually making Huron an international greenhouse grower. Burkhard Metzger, an agricultural engineer from Germany, joined the Huron family in 1996, expanding operations significantly and eventually becoming a co-owner of Suntastic Greenhouses. This was a pivotal moment for the business, and rapid growth followed – from more advanced greenhouses to a state-of-the-art warehouse and biomass system, the company experienced surges in growth from the early 2000s that have made Huron Produce and Suntastic the industry leaders they are today.

The Suntastic leadership team is grateful for its family of employees and truly believes that everyone is important and special in some way, contributing something valuable to the team. As much as they are appreciated as workers, they too enjoy the workplace they get to come to every day! With competitive salaries, health benefits, and out-of-office adventures and team building opportunities, Suntastic believes in a great work life balance.

Suntastic is ripe with experience, endlessly proud of its acres of opportunity, and thankful to have its products enjoyed by families around the world.

Andrea G. Bug Expert

We bring in about a hive each week per acre for the entire time the plants are flowering in the greenhouse. The bees are able to do the job of pollination much better and faster than people ever could. And since tomatoes don’t produce nectar, the hives are fed a sugar solution to ensure the busy bees have everything they need to thrive!

Michael P. Harvester


We take our corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities seriously when it comes to fresh produce and ensuring a Suntastic future for generations to come. It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to bring our best growing practices to greenhouses across the nation and to feed families and communities far and wide.


Delivering Coast-to-Coast

With growing facilities in Canada, the USA, and Mexico, Suntastic ships coast-to-coast, guaranteeing fresh, ripe produce anywhere – any time of year – all while maintaining the smallest possible carbon footprint.

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Oh Canada

We’re a long-time industry leader for tomatoes-on-the-vine, beefsteak tomatoes, and seedless cucumbers, and now a front-runner for peppers, proudly greenhouse-grown across 124 acres in Ontario, Canada.

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Bright Sunshiny Days

You can see clearly now the sun is central to everything we do. It’s our primary ingredient, and we follow it across the continent to ensure that our produce gets the best chance at Suntastic quality growing conditions.

Burkhard Metzger

President & General Manager

Burkhard Metzger is the President and General Manager of Suntastic Hothouse Inc. and is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the production facilities in Exeter, Ontario and O’Neill, Nebraska. He has been in this position since the founding of Suntastic in 1996. Burkhard is focused on expansion in existing and new locations and on the introduction of the latest technologies and production methods to maintain an industry leading edge. Leveraging his European connections and applying his project management expertise, Burkhard has helped Suntastic to be immensely successful, always on time, and on budget with its projects.

His activity in politics and board memberships in a range of organizations empower Suntastic to meet challenges head on. He holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Nuertingen in Germany and has a strong background in agricultural project management in former Eastern Germany and Baltic states. Burkhard is married with 3 kids, ages 18, 16, and 13 and has a keen interest in crossfit, cycling, skiing, hunting, and fishing in Northern Ontario.

Albert Janssen


Albert Janssen is the third generation in a line of greenhouse growers, having learned alongside his two brothers from their father in Westland, Netherlands where be studied agriculture in De Lier, Holland. He relocated to Canada in 2001 and has been working for Suntastic since 2002 as a Grower, continuing to develop unique, flavourful products under the Suntastic brand. His love for nature and years of experience growing eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes are invaluable to the Suntastic team. In his off hours, Albert continues to work hard on his home farm and spend time with his wife and three kids, biking and boating on the lake.

Andy Glavin

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Andy Glavin is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Huron Produce and Suntastic Hothouse, managing the financial strategy and operations of the companies. Andy is committed to maximizing long-term shareholder value, ensuring a balanced portfolio of growth initiatives, and maintaining the high level of integrity and transparency for which Huron Produce and Suntastic are known for. Andy holds a bachelor of accounting with honours from Brock University, is a Chartered Professional Accountant, and joined Huron Produce in 2007. In his spare time, Glavin enjoys golf, poker, skiing, and spending time with his two children.

Shawna Dalrymple

Brand Manager

Shawna Dalrymple is the Brand Manager for Huron Produce, bringing her high energy and inspired outlook to the office and letting it shine through our brand. She monitors market trends, oversees all marketing and advertising activities, manages our social media presence, and ensures we create a lasting impression among consumers while improving our product sales and business development. Shawna comes to Huron Produce with 18 years in the restaurant industry, 20 years of experience in fitness and nutrition, with past roles as a Nutritional Consultant and Personal Trainer. As a self-proclaimed foodie, Shawna is passionate about nutrition, health, cooking with real ingredients, and living an active lifestyle. When she’s not in the kitchen testing out fun new recipes, you’ll find Shawna teaching fitness, preaching about nutrition, or driving all over Ontario to take her daughters to hockey and other sports games.

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